The distribution network of sales of spare parts in the Czech republic – truck segment

31 prosince 2012, 18:18

The analysis was prepared based on the data from the survey of portal MotoFocus Czech and Statistical Office data. Number of distributors branches actual to 1.4.2012 and car parc to 1.4.2012.

The aim of this analysis is to show the distribution of spare parts to the  Aftermarket in the Czech Republic. The information contained in this analysis will certainly benefit management companies, leading business and marketing departments in planning further development of distribution channels of spare parts. 


  1. Distributors in the Czech Republic

    1. Distributors of car spare parts – truck focus
    2. Distributors of car spare parts – truck and personlal cars focus
  2. Distribution Network in the Czech Republic

    1. Distributors and their branches by region
    2. Distributors and their branches by the districts – truck focus
    3. Distributors and their branches by region – truck and personal cars focus
    4. No.of branches of the distributors in the region – all distributors
    5. No of. branches of the distributors by district
  3. Fleet in the Czech Republic

    1. Fleet Size 
    2. Truck Fleet  by region
  4. Market distributors in the Czech Republic

    1. Distributors and size of the fleet by region
    2. Distributors and number of truck services by region
    3. Distributors and number of  truck services by district
    4. Distributors and number of carriers by region
  5. Truck services and carriers in the Czech Republic

    1. Truck services and carriers in the Czech Republic by region
    2. Independent truck services and carriers in ČR by region
    3. Independent truck services and carriers in the ČR by district
    4. Carriers by region
    5. Carriers by district
    6. Authorized truck services  by region and car brand
    7. Authorized truck services  by region
    8. Authorized truck services  by district
    9. Truck services and fleet size by region
  6. Summary of development of the truck spare parts market in 2010

    1. TOP8 distributor revenues in CZK
    2. TOP8 distributor revenues in EUR
    3. Dynamics of total sales from 2005 to 2010
    4. Estimated distributors in shares 2010



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René Szotek
company executive


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